In a perfect world, everyone might use .300 Win Mag for self-defense applications. In reality, caliber choice is often determined by physical limitations and one’s ability to control the handgun properly. For those situations where .22 is the right defensive choice, Federal offers the new Punch ammo.

Designed to perform from small, short-barreled handguns, Punch features a 29-grain nickel-plated lead-core projectile. Its round-nose, flat-point design doesn’t expand. Instead, it’s intended to deliver maximum energy and penetration, even from tiny handguns. From a 2″ barrel it’s rated to crank out 1,070 fps and 1,650 from a 24″ rifle. The nickel-plated case also aids reliable function in a variety of guns.

I fired it into Clear Ballistics gel blocks from an S&W M&P22 Compact (33/4″ barrel) and it penetrated an average of 15″. FederalPremium.com

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