Gunnysack: Dillon Precision Seating Dies


The first thing you’ll notice is the rounded taper cut into the mouth of the die. It presents a massive target to a rising cartridge case with a bullet on top. More importantly, for those occasions where you have to create a bit extra case mouth belling (lead bullets, progressive setups, etc.), this funnel starts the process of closing the case mouth as the bullet is seated. If you’ve ever heard the “clunk” of a case mouth catching on the base of a seating die or a similar effect from a slightly crooked bullet, those days are over. This die gently guides everything into place.

It also uses a quick-release system freeing the guts of the seating plug without any change to your depth setting. You can clean the interior of the die, getting lead shavings or lube out, without the need for readjustment of seating depth. The seating plug is also reversible.

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