Vihtavuori Powders

One supply house in the Midwest was out of everything except N320, N330 and N340. In the comments, someone had asked if they were going to get any pistol powder anytime soon. I chuckled to myself. Not only did they have some powder, they had the powder: N320. They also had her two older sisters in stock. These three powders can load my entire inventory of handguns. If I had a .500 S&W Magnum, I’d add N105.

N320 is a fast-burning powder near the rate of Red Dot or W231. It has an extruded tubular grain texture. The formula includes a de-coppering agent and graphite, which improves its ability to flow. It’s better trickled than dispensed from a rotary powder measure. I use a Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper for great results.

It’s just so wide banded it’s perfect for cowboy loads all day and hostile territory recipes too. With N320, I can load light cartridges that will cycle the gun reliably and have great accuracy, but it can still produce magnum loads.

My favorite N320 load uses Berry’s 100-grain RN bullets in my Bersa Firestorm 380. There aren’t a lot of shotgun loads out for this powder yet, but Vihtavuori has some listed using 1¼ to 1½ oz. lead loads using N320.