Testing encompassed shooting the three most popular bullet weights for the 9mm chambering from a 3M rest on a concrete bench at 25 yards. Each group was measured for both overall 5-shot spread, and the best three hits. The first gives a good predictor of “shootability” from a solid position, while the latter factors out enough unnoticed human error to give a very good approximation of what the same gun/ammo combo will do from a machine rest.

The most accurate load turned out to be Federal 9BP, an old school standard pressure 115-gr. JHP. Over the years, this proved itself to be among the best of its kind and has also come in “most accurate” in many of my gun tests, including this one. Five rounds of 9BP from the Elite LTT landed in 1.85" center to center, with the best three in 1.45".

SIG’s relatively recent V-Crown line has proven itself accurate in many guns for me, and in this one it delivered a 2.80" 5-shot group, with a “best three” at 0.70". The 147-gr. +P Federal HST hollow point shot harder but a bit wider, 3.35" overall and 1.30" for best three.