The Combat Mini

The Combat Mini is a custom design allowing maximum concealability and comfort for large N-Frame revolvers. The grip frame is re-worked into a round-butted K-Frame size providing comfort while still having plenty of grip for controllability when shooting. After the barrel is cut down to 3", Ken crowns and ports it.

Ken also does a combat trigger conversion by polishing the serrations from the target trigger to a smooth surface, providing a more comfortable pull. He semi-bobs the hammer to keep it from digging into your side during concealed carry.

The action is then tuned, and let me tell you; Ken Kelley knows his way around an S&W double-action. DA pull measures 6 lbs.,14 oz., while SA measured just over 2 lbs. It’s the slickest action I’ve felt, yet it consistently ignites my CCI primed handloads without misfire.

Ken then polished the whole works, giving it the Mag-na-port high-luster blue job while etching the logo onto the barrel. A red insert was added to the front sight. I added some Spegal extended boot grips and a Barranti Hank Sloan holster to finish the kit for a perfect packin’ pistol with power to spare.