A Guide’s Choice


The Guide’s Choice from Diamond D Leather can be had to fit just about any
field handgun. Quality is absolutely top-notch and they proved to be comfortable
to wear in the field. Definitely my favorite field holsters!

I was at the great Tulsa Gun Show some time ago and spotted some absolutely top quality leather gear on a table. Mixed in were several “chest” rigs that really caught my eye. Since moving to the Great Mid-West, I’ve had a need for a good quality, practical chest holster for a big bore handgun. We’ve seen some feral dogs on our property a couple of times and there are wild boar creeping into the area (“Shoot on sight!” says Missouri Fish and Game). Plus, being in the country, although the odds are remote, there are still miscreants around. So these obviously well-designed rigs really got my attention.

I introduced myself to the maker, David Johnston, who hails from Chugiak, Alaska. He and his clients actually need rigs like this for bear country, and his “Guide’s Choice” model is the final result of his efforts.

“This stuff gets tested in the real world all the time,” said Dave, “and we get solid feed-back from users. We’ve listened, and what you see here is the result of literally years of use in the field by hunters, guides and outdoorsmen all over. The toughest testing ground is the Alaskan wilderness, and the Guide’s Choice is just that, what they choose themselves.” And I believe it.

My Back Yard

Dave sent me two rigs, one for a 4″ N-frame S&W and one for a full-sized 5″ 1911. I have a very nifty Model 25 S&W in .45 Colt I often carry on the tractor, and when working on the ATV. I generally keep three CCI Blazer shot cartridges up-front, followed by three standard loads. We have some field rats and other creatures needing managed at times, and the shot loads are handy. I’ve found in the past a .38 shot load often simply doesn’t have the moxy to stop what needs stopping around here, but those .45 Colt loads knock ‘em dead.

A Les Baer lightweight frame 5″ 1911 is also at hand, both as a nice change, and in case I’m more interested in personal protection than varmint eradication. The CCI .45 ACP shot rounds will shoot one from the chamber but most usually won’t cycle the action, so the .45 Colt is generally the working gun.

The two Guide’s Choice rigs turned out to be everything Dave promised, and more. He equipped both with spare ammo holders too. The N-frame rig gets cartridge loops and the auto rig gets a mag pouch. Both are options and cost a bit extra, so make sure you order them too if needed. Dave said he can make these for just about any gun, and they start at $155 and that’s a screaming deal if you ask me. If the barrel length is longer than 7″ call Dave for a quote.

You can see how handily the rig fits, getting the weight off your hip and putting
your field handgun easily within reach to ward off any errant evils you meet on
the trail — or in the back 40. A very practical design from Diamond D.

In Use

I haven’t had them very long yet, but so far they’ve both been very comfortable, even when bouncing along on the ATV. On the tractor, the chest carry allows me to grab the big Smith when I see a rat — and blast him. Great fun, and something I hadn’t realized was a bonus of mowing pastureland! And frankly, it’s comforting when you’re far from your house (but can still see it) to know if some miscreant starts nosing around and is up to no good, you can let go with a couple of big .45s into the ground nearby to get their attention and invite them to leave. Call me first-person on this if you will, but I’ll bet you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Steal my truck? Not here and not today, thank you very much, and you may go now — now.

The Guide’s Choice is easily adjustable and you can get it to hang pretty much however fits you best. The leather and workmanship are absolutely top-notch and they even smell the way leather ought too. I’m looking forward to seeing these get a nice patina from wear over the years.

Thanks Dave, you deserve a Handgunner Atta’Boy for your quality work on these holsters. And if you have need for such things, you can’t hardly go wrong with Dave’s gear. Tell him we sent you. And don’t try to steal my old truck. Besides … it probably wouldn’t start for you anyway.

For more info: (907) 688-0366, www.diamonddholsters.com