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Concealed Coats and Safes

The American Rebel Freedom Jacket has built-in pockets for guns, mags, cell phones and more.

American Rebel, designer and manufacturer of their own innovative “concealed and safe” lifestyle products for gun owners, introduced several new concealed carry coats and jackets this year. They start with high quality, warm, comfortable, practical garments allowing freedom of movement. All are triple layered: a water resistant insulation sandwiched between a soft lining and a tough outer shell fabric. All feature American Rebel’s patented proprietary protection pockets inside the left and right lower front to conceal your full-size handgun without printing. These pockets secure with Velcro and a snap to keep them closed and have a tab to instantly pull them open when you need your gun. All have a pocket with elastic loops to carry extra magazines.

The heavy duty, cold weather, brown Cartwright canvas hooded coat is now a full line of rugged outerwear for men. Black and green were added in hooded, hoodless and vest versions. The inside breast pockets have two elastic magazine retention loops sewn in, and an additional Velcro closure inner pocket for your cell phone on the left. Outside you have two vertical zippered chest pockets and two deep waist exterior pockets. Heavy metal zippers close the front and chest pockets. MSRP on the hooded and hoodless Cartwright coats is $139.99 and $119.99 for vests.

For cool weather, American Rebel has added a new, lighter-weight Freedom line of stylish men’s and women’s jackets with an outer shell of finely woven, rain and wind resistant, stretchable, black polyester-lycra fabric. The men’s jacket has an inside right breast Velcro flap secured pocket to hold two extra magazines in elastic loops and on the inner left breast, an open pocket closed with a Velcro tab good for your wallet and phone. The women’s jacket has no interior breast pockets. On the exterior, both have zippered waist pockets.

The women’s “New Freedom” jacket has the same concealed carry pocket system as the men’s jackets
but is styled to meet the specific needs and wants many women have concerning smaller CCW guns.

Ladies Too

The Women’s Freedom Jacket is a hip-length jacket with a sporty, tapered look created by the clever placement of the narrow color accent panels, near, but not quite at, the sides of the torso. I wish the men’s coat had these. It would offer me a slimmer look without the sacrifice of so many delicious cookies. Women’s accent colors are pink, teal or orange. The women’s Freedom jacket is lined with lighter material than the men’s jacket and was designed to conceal, without printing the lighter, smaller, self-defense carry pistols many women prefer. Sized extra small to extra large — MSRP is $79.99.

The larger Smart Vault is chock full of features, including the ability to link with Wi-Fi to
communicate with your smart phone, keeping track of operation, use and status.

Gun Boxes

American Rebel’s new Smart Vaults are the precocious offspring of the marriage of hi-tech GEN7 biometric fingerprint recognition and the smart phone. The safe memory holds up to 50 fingerprints. It opens via a small, soft-touch sensor on the top, releasing the lock in 0.03 seconds. It operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for six months between chargings. The safe’s onboard computer maintains a log of everyone who opens it too. Link the Smart Vault to your Wi-Fi and you can view the access log through a secure cell phone app and even open it remotely.

The safe can also be set to text you every time it’s opened. There’s no accidentally forgetting to close it either, because it can be set to alert you if it stays open longer than a time you designate. They also have a 120-volt transformer and external power cord connection feeding three internal USB charging ports so you can plug into a wall outlet and securely charge your cell phone or laptop inside the sealed safe.

American Rebel Smart Vaults are American-made, old-school, security: 14-gauge steel, welded corner, bodies with a reinforced face and front opening door secured by a dual bolt latch. They are lined with soft, abrasion-resistant foam on all interior sides. The AR-510i is 8″x13″x14″ with an MSRP of $299.99. The larger AR-520i is 10″x13″x14″, has a tool-box style top drawer and an MSRP of $399.99., Ph: (833) 267-3235

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