Barranti Leather Co.
Is Texas Bound


These 1911 mesquite slabs are from a tree on the Barranti Bear Track Ranch.
They will be for sale at a later date.

There’s a lot going on at Barranti Leather Co. We all know Doc for the wonderful, vintage style leather gear he makes for our sixguns and semi-autos. He designs yesterday’s classic gear to be appreciated and worn today for those of us considering themselves throwbacks to the “good ol’ days.”

Doc has been working in Pittsburgh, Pa. since the inception of Barranti Leather. His current shop is in the basement of his house and the shop quarters can be described as being slightly tight. It just goes to show turning out top-notch gear is more about the maker than shop. Still, as things progress, a bigger shop only makes sense when talking about expansion.

Doc is getting ready for the Barranti Bear Track Ranch to open up!

Here’s the Barranti Leather headquarters slab. That’s a lot of concrete!

Progress is coming along fast!

The Barranti Bear Track Ranch

Doc is taking a big step and moving the whole shebang to Texas. With everything being bigger in Texas, Doc’s new shop will be no different. He’s building a 3,200-square-foot home on his 70-acre spread, of which roughly half will consist of the new Barranti Leather workshop. And being the craftsman he is, he’ll be doing the layout, framing, windows, doors, electric and anything else he, and brother Joe, can do. Doc was pulling double-duty while pounding nails, as he would work leather in the evenings, even using his new Barranti Leather stamp, complete with Texas location.

His current shop is roughly 200 square feet. As mentioned, Doc has plans for expansion, including the hiring of a few full-time employees. There will be plenty of room for more machinery and people to turn out leather goods.

Doc’s Handgunner Helper directions are better explained by him than me,
but it is a slick innovation that will keep your shuck in place.

A close-up of the Handgunner Helper, a simple yet brilliant design!

Some of Doc’s various products already delivered to customers.

New Products

Doc can’t sit still without thinking of new ideas. One of his latest is his patent-pending Handgunner Helper. It’s simple, yet ingenious. Using a space-age polymer/metal clip, it keeps your holster from sliding on your belt when your pants belt loop isn’t properly placed from where you want to wear your holster. Nothing is worse than a sliding holster!

The Handgunner Helper prevents your shuck from shifting, locking it in place with the well-placed polymer clip. You choose the holster position you want between a belt loop and the clip, rather than your pants. Let your worries disappear with the Barranti Leather Handgunner Helper.

While building the new Barranti Leather headquarters, a large mesquite tree needed to be cut down. Bobby Tyler from Tyler Gun Works was out for a visit, surveying the progress of the shop, when he had a brilliant idea. Seeing the felled mesquite tree, he thought they’d make dandy 1911 stocks. Being from the Barranti Bear Track Ranch, it is indeed a very cool and novel idea.

Tyler Gun Works is slabbing out the stocks as a housewarming gift to Doc. Nothing says Texas like mesquite, and the stocks will be a nice addition to any 1911-style gun. So, if you’re looking for a taste of Texas to spruce up your 1911 and are a Barranti Leather fan, here’s a great way to combine the two! They’ll be for sale at a later date.

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