Blaming Everything
But The Perp

Wrong Answers Only

In the aftermath of massive inner-city violence over the Fourth of July holiday weekend that left 87 people shot and 17 dead in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said something that could only make sense to a Utopian.

Lightfoot blamed the violence on a lack of health care, jobs and schools, and a “legacy of racism and segregation.” Whatever happened to blaming criminals who misuse guns they’re unlikely to legally own?

While Lightfoot acknowledged the problem, the solution may be out of reach, for it assumes every thug has a conscience. “We’ve got to reach out to those young men that are on the corners, that are the shooters, and we’ve got to brick their consciousness about the sanctity of life,” Lightfoot insisted.

Good luck with that.

Source: ABC7 News, YouTube

Everytown for Gun Safety did a roundup of several cities where violence erupted over the holiday weekend, including Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C. These cities all have something in common: their mayors come from the same political party, which ironically adheres to a policy of gun control.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms seemed equally reluctant to put the blame on bad guys.

“I think it’s just this perfect storm of distress in America,” Bottoms told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I think that people are obviously anxious and even angry about COVID-19. Loved ones are dying, people are losing their jobs.”

She also blamed “frustration” and “a lot of angst.” And she reserved a little finger-pointing for President Donald Trump, saying “I think…that the rhetoric that comes out of the White House doesn’t help it at all. It doesn’t give people much hope, and I think that it’s all converging together and we’re seeing it happen and spill out onto the streets in Atlanta.”

In an email blast intercepted by Insider to presumed supporters, Everytown also insisted, “There is little doubt that the pandemic has intensified the nation’s gun violence crisis. That’s why we need to keep up our fight.”

Perhaps instead, they should consider the opinion of U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), who described Chicago as “the largest outdoor shooting range in America.”

The senator observed, “And other cities are following. It’s not caused by the coronavirus, it’s not caused by racism. It’s caused by nihilism…To kill a child, you have to be a nihilist goon with no values whatsoever. But that is what happens when we defund our police, when we refuse to fix our schools, and we undermine the family unit.”

Armed citizens turned across the country to prevent violence and property damage
by people exploiting otherwise peaceful. (Source: KEPR News, YouTube)

But, Wait A Minute…

During the early June wave of destructive and sometimes violent demonstrations in several cities, armed citizen volunteers showed up in the business districts of smaller communities in at least three highly publicized situations in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and the cities of Kirkland and Snohomish in neighboring Washington State.

There were also reports from other communities across the country. Armed citizens said they were there for safety, including that of peaceful protesters.

Media reports suggested these “vigilantes” were intimidating to many people, but it doesn’t appear they harmed anybody, despite some snowflake complaints about their presence, nor was there looting, vandalism or arson.

But the way these turnouts were reported contrasts sharply with how media handled reporting on organized protests in bigger cities. Seattle is an example, where the occupation by protesters of several city blocks for 16 days was apparently marked by violence including assault and several shootings, two of which were fatal.

Apparently, these armed citizens in Idaho and Washington were acting on reports that Antifa protesters were targeting their local communities. Some reports took the tack that since no violence erupted, the troubling reports were bogus from the outset. There is another explanation, equally hard to prove. Maybe troublemakers arrived, saw the welcoming committees and decided to behave themselves or just left.

Who would have thought guns, and armed citizens, might be a deterrent to violence?

Grizzly Reintroduction Scrapped

One of the reasons people carry defensive firearms in the wild — typically handguns — is for protection against potentially dangerous animals.

Several years ago, when a proposal surfaced to reintroduce grizzly bears into the North Cascades of Washington State, some hiking forums began buzzing about bear spray and/or guns. Insider never leaves the pavement out in the Pacific Northwest without a sidearm, having run into bears, a mountain lion, more coyotes than I care to count, one bobcat and a couple of wolves that definitely should not have been where I saw them in late October 2004.

The grizzly plan was recently scrapped, according to a report on Seattle’s KOMO, the local ABC affiliate. Interior Secretary David L. Bernhardt traveled to the city of Omak in north-central Washington’s Okanogan County to make the announcement.

A local environmental group was “disappointed” about the decision. Local ranchers and other outdoor recreationists, including hunters, weren’t so upset.

Colt Resumes Commercial Sales

Looks like Colt has resumed sales to the commercial/citizen market just 10 months after the company announced it would cease the civilian sale of modern sporting rifles in favor of fulfilling military contracts. Soaring gun sales over the past three months have evidently altered the commercial terrain significantly.

Insider checked with Colt’s Justin Baldini for confirmation and his simple reply was, “Yes, sir. Confirmed.”

Put in perspective, Colt waited for a couple of decades to reintroduce the legendary — and improved — Python, along with new versions of the Cobra and King Cobra, so being “off the grid” for less than a year with its AR rifles may have been much ado about nothing.

Brady Endorsement Makes It Easy

The Brady PAC recently announced its endorsement of Rev. Raphael Warnock in his U.S. Senate bid to replace Republican appointee Kelly Loeffler, appointed to the position earlier this year to succeed Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), who stepped down for reported health reasons.

Loeffler, according to a short online biography, is pro-Second Amendment, explaining why the Brady camp wants her out. Unintentionally, the Brady crowd just did Georgia gun owners a huge favor.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Brady PAC released this statement: “As a United States Senator, we know Rev. Warnock will champion gun violence prevention and motivate his Senate Colleagues to join him in passing meaningful legislation that will save countless lives.”

Unique Solution to Auto Theft

A chance encounter between two motorists in Oregon not only confirms there is a God, but makes it clear, He’s got a devilish sense of justice.

In a story making it all the way to the pages of the New York Post, police in Newberg were in hot pursuit of a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser, allegedly driven by a Portland man identified as Randy Lee Cooper. That vehicle smashed into another car at an intersection, reportedly driven by a woman identified as Kristin Nicole Begue.

She was reportedly “under the influence” but that’s not her only problem. The car she was driving had also been reported stolen about three weeks prior to the collision.

What are the odds of that?

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