Bore-Max Bore Foam


I got an H&R Plainsmen bolt-action .22LR on my eighth birthday. Proud as punch of my new gun, I was determined to take care of it, keeping it clean and oiled. I purchased a cleaning kit shortly afterward. The only problem was no one showed me how to properly clean the rifle, but clean it I did, whether it needed it or not.

No one showed me how to remove the bolt either, so I ran the rod/brush through the muzzle end. Due to short arms and no gun cradle, juggling the rifle and long rod was difficult. But I managed, eventually running the rod down the bore, many times bowing the rod, enough times to keep it clean.

Years later, it was no surprise what I found inspecting the bore. The last inch of the muzzle was worn totally smooth, showing no rifling from all the rod action rubbing against it. I still have that gun.

Bore-Max Bore Foam

Every time I clean a gun now, I’m reminded of this story, making sure the cleaning rod never makes contact with the barrel. Ahh, the impetuousness of youth. Today, with bore cleaners like Bore-Max Bore Foam providing the elbow grease, it’s unnecessary to run the ramrod back and forth so many times, risking rifling and muzzle crowns from ramrod contact.

Simply spray Bore-Max Bore Foam into your barrel with the provided nozzle, let it work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes and run a dry patch through your barrel. If the patch is blue, repeat the process.

Bore-Max Bore Foam is a powerful gun-metal grade foaming solvent, which expands, penetrating rapidly, while dissolving copper fouling and powder residue. Just shoot it in your barrel and let the foam do the work. Formulated without harsh smelling chemicals, Bore-Max is safe for your bore, while dissolving copper/powder fouling. Bore-Max works great, and I always have some on my bench for the really tough copper fouling jobs.

Bore-Max Bore Foam is a Real Avid Product and comes in a 12-oz. aerosol can. MSRP is $12.99. For more details, visit

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