Brownells Magna-Tip
Screwdriver Sets


I’ve got lots of “gunsmith” screwdriver sets. If you piled them up, I’m confident they’d generate their own gravitational field. But 98% of them sit unloved and unused: I always reach for the Brownells Magna-Tips.

First, know that true gunsmith bits are hollow ground, so the “working area” of the blade is shaped less like a wedge and more like that obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey. That means every nanometer of surface area on the sides contacts the inside of the screw head slot. Ipso facto e. pluribus unum, more power and no bodged-up screw heads. Remind me to send Dabbs a quarter for using the word “bodged.”
Unlike lesser kits, the handles included in these sets are solid and built to last. The bits fit properly and … stay in place while you’re working.

Brownells offers a variety of configurations of this set to fit needs and budget. Do yourself a long-lasting favor and buy a set.

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