The Call

Mixed up somewhere in all the possible calls are DOAs, or dead-on-arrival. Fortunately, the majority of DOAs are natural, but any unattended death needs to be investigated to rule out foul play. While fireboard is surely more experienced declaring someone dead, police officers are the only ones who can officially declare a person dead. Sometimes, it’s quite obvious, other times, not so much.

During the investigation, the body must be examined by the officer to rule out any obvious injury. The whole body needs to be examined, front and back, head to toe. Crazy as it sounds, bodies have been transported to the morgue with knives in the body, ligatures around the neck and serious blunt trauma to the head, i.e., a noggin’ full of knots. So, it’s in your own best interest to do a thorough exam, lest it cause you some serious embarrassment, and trouble, down the road.

While obviously not the most fun thing to do, imagine doing this to a person who’s been dead a while? When there are flies completely covering the front window to the point of blacking it out, you know you’re in for long day….