Get some training, then get some more. There are a lot of states going to concealed carry without a permit. First, I think that’s great. Some folks with long-standing knowledge of the legalities surrounding use of force and firearm handling should avail themselves of the opportunity. But, here’s something to think about: If you have little to no knowledge of the legal and moral use of deadly force, you need to get some training. If you are not familiar with firearms, get training. If you want to carry concealed when travelling out of state, get some training and a state issued permit.

Many states have reciprocity for concealed carry if you have a CCW permit from the state in which you reside. Not knowing the law and thus being put in handcuffs for a firearm violation is not a lot of fun. Being convicted of the violation might make purchasing and possessing a firearm illegal for you for the rest of your life.

You will have fun at pretty much any CCW class or shooting class you attend. Most cities of any decent size usually have somebody who teaches some sort of concealed carry class. Cost is minimal and the knowledge base you’ll possess afterward is invaluable.