D.C. Cops Consider Quitting

Underscoring the Rasmussen survey is a report from WTTG-Fox 5 that a recent survey by the District of Columbia Police Union discovered a whopping 71% of its 600 polled members are thinking about leaving the force.

Their reason? So-called “reforms” proposed by the D.C. Council “have presented ‘negative impacts on the working conditions of police officers,’” according to the report.

The survey also revealed 96% believe crime will rise in the district and 88% think officer safety will decline if the new policies are adopted.

Chief Peter Newsham and a jaw-dropping 98.7%also think the District council “forgot about our 20 years of reform and…insulted us by insinuating that we are in need of reform.”

The more likely scenario is that the council didn’t forget anything, they just needed a headline at the expense of police officers to show they were trying to serve the public.