Dan Wesson 1911 Wraith

A threaded-barrel, triple-threat shooter

As suppressors are fast becoming a popular accessory, it’s no wonder manufacturers are turning out guns with threaded barrels to accommodate their use.

There’s definitely a place for suppressors in our world, and I find them quite enjoyable to use. Besides being cool to shoot, they protect our hearing without the need of earplugs or muffs. Neighbors appreciate the dampened “crack” of gunfire, and that’s a good thing while plinking on your property.

What about the possibility of having to shoot an intruder in your home at 3:00 a.m.? Are you, or your family, really going to have time to put on hearing protection? A single shot can permanently damage your hearing.

The Wraith

Recently, Dan Wesson announced the release of new suppressor-ready pistols called the “Wraith.” Featuring a 5.75″ factory-threaded barrel, the Government-size 1911 pistols are ready for magnificent muffled fun with the addition of a suppressor of your choice. But while you wait on your can, the Wraith makes use of AmeriGlo High Night Sights to accommodate the height of the suppressor so it won’t block your sight picture while shooting.

The Details

Available in the classic .45 ACP, the Wraith is also being offered in 9mm and the heavy-hitting 10mm. The frame and slide are built with heavy-duty forged stainless steel and are coated in Dan Wesson’s distressed Duty finish for a fittingly rugged look. Non-distressed parts are finished in black.

The Wraith features G10 grips, which are stylishly stippled and provide a secure and tight-feeling gripping surface. The front strap and mainspring housing offer enhanced gripping surfaces with sharp 25 lines-per-inch checkering. A high handhold grip is possible with the undercut triggerguard, which promotes better control and stability while shooting. The extended grip and thumb safety are easy to operate, even with gloved hands.

A flared and lowered ejection port enables positive ejection of spent brass. The stainless-steel slide has both front and rear serrations for easy slide manipulation and press-check, while the magwell is beveled for easier magazine insertion during high- stress reloading.

The Wraith comes with a thread protector and ships with two magazines (8–10 rounds, depending on caliber), a signature series pistol case, barrel-bushing wrench, one cable lock and owner’s manual.


The Wraith’s overall length is 9.5″ and width is 1.5″. Weight is 42.3 oz. MSRP on .45 ACP and 9mm models is $2,077, and $2,375 for 10mm.

For more info: www.danwessonfirearms.com, Ph: (607) 336-1174

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