Dear Santa …


Credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Dear Santa, Since I’ve been pretty good this year, I’m asking for something on the huge size, present wise. Please don’t think me greedy, as this present isn’t for me, exactly. However, its impact will directly affect me, and others like me.

As stated, I’ve been good, despite owning numerous firearms, like millions of others. Funny thing is my guns, or those of others, have yet to break any laws. And we both know everyone says guns cause crime.

I’ve yet to see any gun commit a crime by itself during my 27 years as a cop.

Every gun crime needs a culprit using said gun to pull off their crime. Like millions of other concealed carriers, I have not shot, intimidated, flashed, nor threatened anyone with my gun. I carry merely for the protection my family and self. Even though I shouldn’t, I’d risk my welfare, both physically and civilly, when seeing a stranger at risk of great bodily harm or death. It’s just my nature, as it is with millions of other concealed carriers.

As proven, concealed carriers are first responders, stopping crimes on almost a daily basis. Yet, you never hear about these interventions simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative of today’s mainstream media.

The Gift?

The gift I ask for is common sense for all the non-believers out there. And they are plentiful. While most non-believers fail to believe in you, they believe by disarming me, and others like me, will make for a safer society.

Imagine that? Most non-believers think you’re a childish figment of the imagination, yet naively believe if all guns are outlawed, along with the declaration of more “gun-free” zones (slaughter zones, if you will), gun crimes will disappear.

We both know how foolish this is, and in fact, promotes more gun crimes, as criminals know their next victims are unarmed. Now who’s being childish for believing in fairy tales? We know nothing could be further from the truth. Those perpetually on your naughty list are evil with no regard for their victims. We know resistance is the way to deal with societies miscreants. It’s proven time and time again, more guns equal less crime. It takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun.

If delivering a full load of common sense is too cumbersome, and I know it would be an exceptional load, as we are lacking so much of it, even a temporary load would be appreciated to demonstrate short-term effects it would have. Maybe people would develop some much-needed critical thinking skills seeing these temporary results and make them permanent? We can only hope.

Lastly, perhaps this dose of common sense would stop left leaning politicians from being hypocrites about gun control. But I doubt it. They talk a big game, yet when it comes to prosecuting criminals on gun charges, they are either dropped or plead away.

It’s much easier to disarm honest citizens in the illusion of doing something than prosecute and jail violent felons. Even our own president recently negotiated a prisoner swap releasing a known high-level worldwide gun trafficker and terrorist for a pot smoking, America hating basketball player. People are laughing at us for our lack of common sense.

Red Wagons

While you’re at it, besides the dose of common sense, how ‘bout a little red wagon for all the people getting a free ride? My hope would be they’d climb out of the wagon they’ve been riding in and start pulling their own wagon, seeing what it’s like to stand on their own two feet. I know some people need help, but too much of society wants a free ride when they’re fully capable of working. These people need to start pulling themselves, learning how good it feels to be self-supportive and self-sufficient.

The whole concept of “hard work” has been replaced with entitlements and instant gratification. It isn’t right. No one wants to climb the ladder anymore, gaining experience, work ethic and grit along the way. You can’t share wealth by taking away from hardworking people.

So, Santa, if you can see it in your heart to make the world a better and safer place, I ask you for these presents not for myself, but for the welfare our country, the way it was meant to be. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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