EDC Gear


There’s a category called “super handy gear you oughta’ always have with you” but we usually abbreviate it as Every Day Carry (EDC) gear. Carrying a handgun and a folding knife? Good, you’ve got the basics. But a few more items will round out your daily carry gear and help you be more prepared. Not sure what to pick? Look at this list more as “categories” rather than specific products and you can’t go wrong. Make substitutions according to your needs, desires — and budget — but be prepared!

Travel to areas or places where there are restrictions on guns and knives? A tactical pen may be the piece of gear you can always have on you. Actually, you should have one on you anyway. Schrade’s tactical pen sports an aluminum body, writes well, and doubles as a strike weapon if needed. About $30, and with its strong clip it’ll hang onto your shirt pocket or pants pocket until you need it. www.btibrands.com/brands/schrade

Nightstick by Bayco Products offers an array of tactical flashlights, including rechargeables, and even a “mini” series fitting easily in-pocket and in-hand. With an aluminum body, CREE LED and crenulated bezel, this light can deter a would-be attacker with its light or when used as a strike weapon. I carry this one every day. About $30. www.baycoproducts.com

If you’re carrying a handgun, carry a reload in a MultiHolsters Elite Quick Ship magazine holster. Designed to fit specific magazines, the Elite Quick Ship can be worn IWB or OWB (attaching with the popular FOMI clip) and sports two screws to adjust tension. Retailing for $26.95, the Elite Quick Ship can be attached to a vest or backpack but works really well hidden on a belt. www.multiholsters.com

Even if you’re already carrying a tactical light, consider a weapon-mounted light/laser combo for your defensive handgun. Able to flood the area in front of you with a bright light, the Truglo Tru-Point light/laser combo also sports a laser aiming system. So it’s a point, see, aim deal — all with the touch of a well-located button. Available for around $100, the Tru-Point attaches to your gun’s accessory rail with a quick-detach lever. www.truglo.com

Drop your gun in the sand? Get caught in the rain? Unexpected range trip? The Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit provides all the needed gear for a full cleaning of a gun, all stored in a very tidy package just a little bigger than two hockey pucks. Retails for $60 and offers cleaning tools for long guns and handguns, in a variety of calibers. www.otistec.com

For all that other stuff you want to carry around, a small Maxpedition zip pouch will do the trick. Loaded with pockets and made with robust ballistic nylon and rugged zippers, this is where you can keep a firesteel and flint, multi-tool, second tactical pen, second flashlight, rain poncho, emergency space blanket, notepad and more. Be creative. Maxpedition pouches run the gamut of sizes, shapes, colors and prices. www.maxpedition.com

Carry a knife, period. Benchmade’s Bugout is the sort of design or style you want. The 3.24″ drop-point blade is big enough to do work, the “grippy” handle keeps it where it belongs, the Axis lock is rock-solid and the reversible pocket clip checks off all the boxes. The fact it looks great is icing on the cake. Yeah, I know, it’s $750, but you don’t need to buy this exact knife, just get something so you can cut if you need to! Still, it’s awfully nice, ain’t it? www.benchmade.com

Ruger’s LCPII certainly qualifies as an EDC item, and adding the finger grip extension floorplate enhances the grip neatly. The improved sights and slide lock at the last round turns it into a “real” gun! Holds 6+1 in .380 ACP. www.ruger.com

Yeah, it’s a pistol magazine. Why here? Because you’ve likely got a bunch of borderline-reliable magazines to go with your “good” ones, right? Throw the crud away and buy good ones. Mec-Gar has been making magazines for virtually every gun company around for decades. They’re heat-treated correctly and only use top-quality spring stock. They have fits for any gun — and they know their stuff. www.mec-gar.com

Custom grips for your carry gun(s) are more than just for fun. This “Grenade” design by SGM (available for several fits, check their website for details) allows a firm, sure firing grip even if your hand is sweaty or, dare we say — bloody. SGM’s line is diverse, can be colorful and all are solidly manufactured using CNC technology, so they’re a perfect fit every time. www.sgmgrips.com

This is one of the handiest designs ever. The Streamlight ProTac uses CR123, AA Alkaline or AA Lithium batteries! At 300 lumens and only 2.8 oz. it’s easy to carry, and that 90-degree head and clip means you can clip it to your belt or pocket to light your way. About $68. www.streamlight.com

Who says your EDC stuff can’t be classy too? These pens from Tuff Writer (a small family-owned start-up business) have proven their EDC “Tough Grade” over the past few years. Using a ground-breaking “Clicky” mechanism Tuff Writer invented, they are solid writing instruments and capable defensive weapons if needed. The “Flamed Titanium” (right) is particularly compelling! www.tuffwriter.com


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