Enough Is Enough

America’s Better Half Is Exhausted From The Beatings

Gun owners, “America’s better half,” people who can safely and sanely wield private power by keeping and bearing arms, are getting close to their limit. Everything points to this. Constant attacks on their rights and human decency, from radical left-wing bigots determined to destroy this fine nation, are approaching a breaking point.

From non-stop Trump Derangement Syndrome where broadcast news is supposed to appear, to legislators proposing tyrannical violations of the Constitution and decency, to a public divide fostered by a left-wing takeover of the education system, America’s better half is not pleased, and this is putting it mildly.

The mugging gun rights and gun owners took after a maniac cracked in a Las Vegas hotel was way over the top. So-called “news” media staffers actually provided veiled support and cover for whatever actually went on there. Months later we had no hard details, no security camera video, real questions unanswered, but the diatribe against guns flowed freely. Congress introduced bills against plastic accessories. “That side” continues to pour blame onto fine, upstanding citizens who keep and bear arms, for heinous copycat acts anywhere, which mimic and are encouraged by Hollyrot.

This is amplified by a debauched culture promoted by television, the government school system and politicians with no understanding of (or disregard for) fundamental American cultural and political values. If it continues there’s going to be irreparable harm. America needs to wake up while there’s still time.

At the recent Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, along with scuttlebutt I pick up from folks I meet and meetings I attend, I’ve garnered a sense of things deserving a good airing.

For a while there, I heard concern this malaise might be so bad the SHOT Show, celebrating its 40th glorious year and stupendous growth, might be postponed due to the crime last year, and a rumored protest. No demonstration got staged, and the left’s angst wasn’t enough to stop life as we know it. What I did learn is:

• The public is repulsed and insulted by the demeaning and sick treatment they’ve received at the hands of mass media. The bias there disgraces the profession of journalism.

• People accept no responsibility for the acts of psychopaths. Suggesting we should borders on psychotic. Proposing laws to punish us instead of criminals is insanity.

• Gun owners are shooters. The criminals are murderers. Conflating the terms is deceptive and promotes a nefarious agenda.

• Tens of millions of shooters at shooting ranges are upstanding individuals. Persistently referring to mass killers as shooters after the fact is perverse. People who insist on doing so may need medical attention. It may not merely be a political position. Hoplophobic behavior must be recognized and treated when present.

• Constantly referring to a murderer as a gunman is sexist and needlessly denigrates firearms. It is deliberate, unethical, immoral, serves a corrupt agenda, and must stop. Journalists who knowingly persist in this violate their published codes of ethics, and hypocritically use sexism while publicly condemning the practice.

• When media conflates such terms, they use language without precision. People are deeply offended, and reporters fail to do their jobs with required accuracy. You can see their failures plainly, and so consumers have abandoned trust in them, with cause, by the millions. There’s no mystery why audiences have evaporated. It can be easily blamed on technology, but not truthfully.

• Denigrating the public’s guns after a spree murder is virtually a crime against the First and Second Amendments together. It insults everything those bedrocks stand for, especially the balance of power our rights represent and protect. Mass media would never assault free speech after a maniac posts an incentivizing screed, a jihadi exhorts killers or Hollyrot advertises some new unknown depravity, illuminating media players’ gross hypocrisy (or need for medical attention).

• Reporters who’ve never been to a range to practice or don’t own firearms themselves, which describes so many, are inadequate or unqualified to cover firearm-related topics. It’s blatantly obvious and deeply offensive to news consumers familiar with guns. Reporters are in serious denial about this, but people know it’s true. The reporting attests to the incompetence the public endures.

• Hints of limiting the public because authorities are under-armed are abhorrent. This ship sailed when machine guns were granted to police and essentially banned to citizens in 1986. If the public’s stock of firearms and ammunition gets so large it exceeds that of authorities, the authorities simply need more. Disarming the public to achieve balance is infringement, prohibited. The Second Amendment is designed to create and maintain a critically important balance of power, for liberty.

• Failure to attribute fault to Big Pharma and mass entertainment after increasingly common mass murder looks almost conspiratorial. Especially so with the headlong rush to instead blame gun owners who took no part in the evil of the day. Violence ideation — on the labels of medications, visual psychic conditioning and copycat encouragement — those things are real, and nearly constant now in our culture and cabinets.

The media could restore some balance by running stories extolling and examining the values of the Second Amendment, fulfilling their obligation to present all sides of an issue. Americans hold out little hope they will see anything like this and feel betrayed. The fact the news-gathering machinery of our nation could be this askew is jarring. The destructive effect is enough to start unraveling the fabric of our society.

While the reporting remains so visibly corrupt and the psychotic acts so intolerable, it would not be unwise to redouble our efforts: to train others in the use of arms, to better arm ourselves, and to expose as widely as possible the rightteous reasons the public is and must always remain armed.

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