Mindset Matters Most


Our brain is our most vital asset in every endeavor we do. The decisions we make are carefully calculated as the positives and negatives of our actions, or inactions, are analyzed, rendering the results we want. Some call this critical thinking; a thought process no longer taught in schools these days, it appears.

Don’t tell me the answers; teach me to come to my own valid conclusion for a solution to the problem with sound deductive reasoning! This type of inference promotes confidence, self-assurance, self-reliability, and survival.

Tactically Speaking On Thinking

When it comes to self-defense—you know, the things we do to preserve our life, and our loved ones—mindset is the most vital factor to your survival. More important than the great debates of revolver vs. semi-auto, Kydex vs. leather holster, 9mm vs. .45 ACP, jacketed hollow-points vs. cast bullets, concealed vs. open carry, Weaver vs. isosceles stance, well…you get the picture, mindset is the key component that allows you to utilize what you have at hand to come out victorious during confrontations.

Mindset involves using all your senses to identify any potentially dangerous situation. Using your senses, along with your 6th sense—that uneasy feeling we can’t explain, but we know something is wrong or out of the ordinary. When the hair on the back of your neck is rising or your gut-instinct tells you something’s wrong or not quite right, listen to it.

When these feelings present themselves, trust them. Become hyper-vigilant in the assessment of your surroundings. Look for anything out of the ordinary. Change your path of travel, try to travel in groups, or simply step back into the place you just left for a few minutes.

Assess, React

How we react is critical after we assess danger. Sometimes, simple avoidance is all it takes to prevent a dangerous confrontation. Other times, we need to react, to neutralize our threat. This is where proper training is paramount! Under stress, we all revert back to training. If you have no training, or have not mentally rehearsed what you’d do when you’re confronted, you’re going to stand flat-footed, with the proverbial deer in the headlights look.

Any training is better than none at all. At least, it will get the gears turning in your head with more possible options at your disposal. Self-defense courses are good too; the more you learn about possible threats, the better off you’ll be when facing them. Be aware of your surroundings while constantly rehearsing in your mind how you’ll react should something happen.

You may have the best of the best gun, holster and any other self-defense gear, but if you don’t know what you’re doing with them, or are not well-practiced in their use, or more importantly, are hesitant during presentation, you’re asking for trouble. You’ll be hindering yourself if you lack the confidence to do so, and have whatever you’re presenting taken from you.

Mindset Equals Winning

Proper mindset means you’re going to fight to win, with proven tactics, and be a survivor. You’ll use anything within arms reach to do it, too. A cup of hot coffee, a brick, rock, elbow, teeth, anything! Whatever it takes, you’re going to do what it takes to win, by never giving up.

I once saw a landscaper fend off a large dog intent on doing him great bodily harm with a weed whacker. Not a common means of self-defense, but it worked.

Ol’ poochie boy didn’t want anything to do with that whirling monofilament fishing line. Unconventional, but it worked! That’s a prime example of critical thinking and mindset.

Critical Thinking Is Critical For Your Safety

Your ability to problem solve, keeping your hide safe, doesn’t apply to just self-defense from one of society’s miscreants or near-do-wells. It rolls over into every aspect of your life. Let’s say you’re taking a walk on your favorite wooded path and a rabid fox or raccoon confronts you, what are you going to do?

You’ve got your CCW on you, but there’s kids playing on the swings in your backdrop. What happens now? Look, assess and react. You’ll figure something out, because you’re a critical thinker and have the proper mindset.

Head Start

Use your noggin’ for more than a hat rack. Get some training so you’ll know all the options available to you. Be a critical thinker with proper mindset and your life will be much easier and safer in the long run.

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