Toor Knives

“Like the operators who use them,
both are hand-selected and forged ... ”

Cameron and Connor Toor were always fascinated with knives as kids. They built a forge in their backyard and made a go of handcrafting knives the way they were made centuries ago.
Adventuresome boys, they played soldier in the woods near home, lighting the fire for both to enlist in the military. Cameron became an Army Ranger and Connor a Marine Scout Sniper — grueling, challenging roles where they both thrived.
Surrounded by fellow warriors using specialized equipment, they observed the way standard issue knives were being used in the field. Thinking there had to be a better way, they pondered, “Wouldn’t a ‘specialized’ knife go hand in hand with our specialized weapon systems? Why not use a ‘mission specific’ knife, or edged weapon, for the type of task it will be asked?”

Toor Knives’ Mission

The backyard forge was fired up again, only this time the brothers were on a new mission to make battle blades, each with a specific, custom purpose to help brother warriors complete their mission. Toor Knives are battle proven blades made by guys who know what they are talking about, because they were there! It takes a warrior to know what will be asked of the warrior’s tools!

Both Toor brothers carried their homemade knives and their brother soldiers took notice. Orders started trickling in, followed by hundreds of orders a month. Believe me, fighting men know quality, especially when it comes to their gear!

Task Specific

By looking at the many models Toor Knives offers, it’s easy to see each is different in its own way, perfect for a particular task: All are razor sharp and durable.

Each knife begins as a large sheet of stainless or high carbon steel, which is cut to shape using a CNC waterjet. Each blank is forged, hand ground, heat-treated and oil quenched.

Blades are mounted with a handmade handle and custom Kydex sheath. Handle options include maroon, black and green G10 material, carbon fiber and wenge, burl and desert ironwood.

Each blade is personally engraved with designs ranging from a unit insignia to a name or a tribute honoring the memory of a lost brother in arms. No matter your choice, be confident your Toor Knife will be done right!

Toor Knives stated ethos is, “Clean, but filthy. Polished, yet salty. Experimental, but reliable. Carry a Toor Knife, and you have a beautiful handle visible above the sheath, an exacting, lethal blade hidden within.”

Toor Knives cost between $375 and $405, depending on the model. The Tomahawk is $495. For more info:

Toor Knives
Ph: (619) 328-6118

The Raven

The TK Tanto

The Raider

The Vandal

The Serpent

The Tomahawk