Veral Smith of Lead Bullet Technology is the modern cast bullet guru. He designed the Radiused Flat-Nose design with his Long Flat-Nose (LFN) and Wide Flat-Nose (WFN) profiles. His super-efficient bullet lube works perfectly with his shallow, narrow lube groove design, allowing for more bearing surface for better accuracy.

Veral’s bullet designs keep more weight out of the cartridge case allowing more powder capacity for lower pressures and higher velocities. His book, “Jacketed Performance With Cast Bullets” is deemed the bible for bullet casters.

I have several LBT molds in different calibers, but my favorite .45 is a 320 grain LFNGC design. When loaded over 22 grains of H110, I get around 1,250fps and all the accuracy I can hold for. It’s a great bullet in the .45 Colt!