Federal Premium Barnes
Expander 454 Casull
Hunting Ammo


Technology has been the lifeblood of Federal Cartridge since 1922. Joining forces with Barnes Bullets, Federal continues their advancements in ammunition by offering a lead-free alternative for 454 Casull shooters — and other calibers.

Using the Barnes Expander bullet, an all copper, hollow-pointed design, known for 100% weight retention, the deadly combination features a bullet weighing 250 grains and having a muzzle velocity of 1,530 fps from a 5.7″ test barrel. What was once a “handloaders only” proposal is now provided by Federal for all to enjoy and reap the benefits.


The 454 Casull cartridge was developed in 1957 as a wildcat and was announced publicly two years later. It wasn’t until 1997 when the 454 Casull went mainstream. Based on the 45 Colt case, it was structurally improved and lengthened to prevent it from being fired in .45 Colt guns, as the higher pressures would be disastrous.

The 454 Casull has successfully taken the largest game animals in the world and earned its reputation as a highly respected hunting cartridge. Guns for the 454 Casull are made by Freedom Arms, Ruger, Taurus and Rossi, to name but a few.

Deadly Expansion/Weight Retention/Accuracy

The Barnes Expander bullet has an ominous reputation for its controlled expansion and 100% weight retention. As the bullet strikes its intended target, a violent dynamic takes over, as the hollow-pointed bullet starts peeling back, the bullet literally starts turning inside out, enlarging its original diameter, hence creating a larger wound channel.

With copper being more malleable than lead, the petals do not break off. Bullet mass is maintained aiding deeper penetration in the target. Other features include corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated brass and the use of premium powders and primers for consistent ignition and accuracy.

When you’ve invested top dollar with your hard-earned cash for a once in a lifetime hunt, doesn’t it make sense not to scrimp on your ammunition? Federal Premium Barnes Expander would be an excellent choice for such a hunt.
MSRP is $59.99 per box of 20.

For more information, visit FederalPremium.com

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