Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster

Car Carry Simplified

Photo Credit: Max Crotser

I never really knew where to stow my firearm while carrying concealed inside a vehicle. Carrying with a holster was simple enough, but I felt incredibly uncomfortable sitting down, much less with a seatbelt, blocking access to my firearm in case of an emergency. Throwing a loaded firearm in a glovebox or on a seat without any kind of security or retention is not only reckless and unsafe but non-conducive to use in case of emergency.

Even a holster stuck inside of a glovebox or center console is hard to reach and requires an extra step. If someone pulls up to you at a red light in a sketchy area, they’ll notice you opening these compartments.

The Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense holster amends this issue by positioning your firearm between your legs under the steering wheel. Two straps buckle through and around the seat while the modular shapeshift holster keeps your pistol secure. You can use your current ShapeShift holster with this non-invasive model. The system leaves no marks on the vehicle and does not require drilled holes or anything that may negatively impact the resale value of your vehicle.

With the straps tightened, the holster does not move. Retention is adjustable and even with some aggressive jostling, the pistol stays intact in the holster. My favorite feature is the optional thumb release. Grabbing the pistol with my right hand, my thumb falls naturally over the release, making the draw smooth, fast and easy.

I do hit the holster with my legs getting in and out of the vehicle, but this is only because I am short and my seat is almost as far up as it will go. Ultimately this has become my preferred method of carry in a vehicle for long car trips. If you have a front-seat passenger who is not authorized to carry, it also keeps it out of their reach.

MSRP: $59.88