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March/April 2023 Issue


Barkeep Roses

Davidson’s Inc.

Davidson’s exclusive Barkeep Roses has a 2″ barrel and features a bird’s-head grip engraved with roses and vines. The .22 LR revolver’s six-round cylinder is also engraved with roses and flourishes adding a dramatic flair. Made in conjunction with Heritage Mfg., It comes with a custom wooden Heritage ejector rod. MSRP: $209. For more info: (800) 367-4867,

MCP35 Match & MCP35 OPS

EAA Corp.

EAA Corp. announces new variations of the Girsan MCP35 with the MCP35 Match and MCP35 OPS. The all-steel construction, short-recoil operated MCP35 Match and MCP35 OPS offer a wealth of features for both the average shooter and competitive shooter including an extended beavertail, fiber optic front sight, G10 grips, straight clean-break trigger, beveled magwell and windage/elevation adjustable rear sight. The MCP35 OPS has an integrated accessory rail for attaching a light or laser. MSRP: $699. For more info: (321) 639-4842,



Schema is an optics-ready minimalist holster from Safariland designed for subcompact firearms. The skeletonized outline of the holster frame has a smaller footprint than traditional IWB offerings to optimize concealability. It offers functionality with a reinforced mouth, allowing for seamless firearm holstering while the holster is worn. The Schema is currently offered for the SIG SAUER P365 and P365XL, Taurus G2C and G3C, GLOCK 43 and 43X, and Springfield Armory Hellcat. MSRP: $39.99. For more info: (800) 347-1200,

Five-seveN MRD

FN America

FN America introduced the Five-seveN MRD optics-ready pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm with a complete design update with a factory-milled slide to accept most micro red dot optics. The three-dot photo luminescent sights glow in low-light conditions, are adjustable for elevation and windage and co-witness with certain optics. MSRP: $1,499. For more info: (800) 635-1321,

Stinger RS

Bond Arms

Bond Arms adds to its Stinger collection with the single-action Stinger RS, available in .380 Auto and 9mm. It features a 37″ stainless steel double barrel, passive and manual safeties. It has an integral trigger guard and high-impact nylon, slim grips. The Stinger RS weighs 16 oz. (with slim grips), is 5″ long, 4″ high and less than 1″ wide. MSRP: $389. For more info: (817) 573-4445,

Insurgent Deluxe


The Insurgent Deluxe is an IWB/OWB, optics-compatible holster from Versacarry. It has custom-molded polymer front removable clips for OWB carry, an adjustable draw tension and a raised protective backing. The Insurgent is made of vegetable-tanned water buffalo leather with industrial-grade bonded nylon thread. MSRP: $74.99. For more info: (979) 778-2000,

Night Sights & DXT2 Big Dot Sights

XS Sights

XS Sights’ Night Sights and DXT2 Big Dot Sights are available for S&W CSX and M&P M2.0 OR (Optics Ready) pistols. XS’s self-illuminating night sights and the Big Dot sights both deliver ultra-fast target acquisition in any light. R3D night sights with green or orange Glow Dot front sights for the S&W M&P M2.0 Optics Ready are also offered. The self-illuminating Big Dot and R3D Night Sights put you on target faster and more accurately in high-stress, self-defense situations. MSRP: $116 to $144. For more info: (88) 744-4880,

Ruger Revolver Sights

D&L Sports

Ruger revolvers are a favorite for people who spend time in bear country, but adjustable sights have always been sharp and frail. D&L Sports’ heavy duty Ruger Revolver Sights are direct replacements. They are machined from steel bars for ultra durability. D&L Sports is also capable of accepting night inserts to make the ultimate bear country camp revolver. MSRP: $95. For more info: (928) 636-1726,

856 Executive


The Taurus 856 Executive is chambered in .38 Special +P and has a six-round capacity. The DAO revolver sports a 3″ barrel and concealed, spurless hammer. The Altamont walnut grips provide improved function; the checkered panels and contoured profile ensure handgun retention. The frame, barrel and cylinder are stainless steel and have a hand-polished satin finish. The 856 Executive has an OAL of 7.5″ and weighs 25 oz. MSRP: About $430. For more info: (800) 327-3776,

.358 Rifle and Pistol Bullets

Northern Precision

Northern Precision is producing a new line of .358 caliber bullets designed for single-shot handguns as well as rifles. The .358 Rifle and Pistol Bullets include both light and heavy weight extremes, custom weights, bonded-core thick jacketed bullets for big game, a “Poly-Ban” plastic tip version and a “Base Guard” plinker. The “Base Guard” offers the same shape and weight ranges as the jacketed bullets but are about 1/4 the price. MSRP: $25 for 50 “Base Guard” plinkers; $35 for 25 Bonded Core bullets. For more info: (315) 955-8679,

Syclone Jr.

Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight’s Syclone Jr. is a compact rechargeable work light that fits in tight spaces for identification and repair uses. Hands-free or hanging, the body of the light can rotate 360 degrees in its U-shaped magnetic base and can be easily adjusted with one hand. It weighs just 2 oz. and delivers up to 210 lumens and 8.5 hours of run time. MSRP: About $65. For more info: (800) 523-7488,


Smith & Wesson

Next-gen EZ technology, low recoil impulse and versatile magazine capacity make the EQUALIZER an ultimate CCW. This micro-compact 9mm pistol with a 3.675″ barrel offers balance of power and capacity across 10-, 13- and 15-round magazines. It features a single-action trigger allowing for a short take-up, clean break and fast reset for quicker follow-up shots. The slide operates uses easy-to-rack technology and the frame includes a Picatinny-style rail to mount lights or lasers. MSRP: $599. For more info: (800) 331-0852,


Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters has launched Roswell, a new series of AIWB and OWB holsters. This new line is thinner, lighter and stronger than the standard full-wrap Kydex holsters. Each is made from an injection-molded polymer that’s 20% lighter, 40% tougher and 80% more heat resistant than other molded holsters. It’s the most concealable Kydex holster you’ll ever wear. MSRP: Under $40. For more info: (208) 215-2046, www.AlienGearHolsters

Becoming An American Gunsmith

American Gunsmithing Institute

American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Founder and President Gene Wayne Kelly offers instruction, encouragement and motivation to readers in Becoming An American Gunsmith: Your Path to Personal Freedom and Financial Security. In the book, Kelly shares firearms history and the importance of preserving gunsmithing methods. Topics covered include advice on “setting up shop,” entrepreneurship and more. For more info: (541) 941-3788,

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