Springfield XD OSP Slide Kit and Slide Assembly Conversion Systems


Do you have an old Springfield XD laying around? This one’s for you!

Springfield Armory’s new XD OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) Slide Kit and Assembly options allow shooters to update their handgun to use modern red dot optics and convert other full-size 9mm and .40-cal. variants of the XD into the 4”-barreled 9mm configuration with optics capabilities.

The XD OSP Slide Kit (MSRP $396) includes a complete OSP-cut, full-size XD slide assembly packaged with a recoil spring assembly, barrel and an optics mounting plate in the Springfield Micro footprint.

The XD OSP Slide Assembly (MSRP $270) includes an OSP-cut slide assembly for an XD 4″ 9mm pistol and a Springfield Micro footprint optics-mounting plate. It’s designed to convert an XD 4″ 9mm to an XD 4″ 9mm OSP, while utilizing the original pistol’s barrel and recoil spring system. With this assembly, you can easily swap out the slide on your 4″ 9mm pistol to gain OSP optics-mounting capabilities.

Also available is an XD OSP Slide Assembly packaged with a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 red dot optic and optic mounting plate (MSRP $369).

Visit springfield-armory.com for more information.