Rethinking Concealed Carry — The New Taurus GX4

Economical and Versatile 9mm Micro Pistol

Jealous. That’s the word. To be completely honest, there’s a tinge of guilt there as well.

The Taurus GX4’s impressive list of specifications has me rethinking my current concealed carry choice. The Taurus GX4 appears to have all of the boxes checked.

Taurus’s first-ever micro-compact 9mm weighs in at 18.5 ounces unloaded with an overall length of 6.05 inches (3.06 inch barrel). It measures and weighs a bit more than my .380 acp, but comes with the extra power of a 9mm and a much larger capacity than my Kimber. The GX4 comes with two 11-round magazines though extended 13-round magazines are available. (10-round magazine versions are available for those in capacity-restricted states.)

It is critical to train with your concealed carry gun to maintain and increase proficiency as well as ensure your safe ability to operate the firearm. Proper grip and ergonomics are key to a comfortable firearm. The single action GX4 has a stainless frame with a polymer grip. Stippling on the front of the grip, backstrap, and side panels allows for greater control. I especially appreciate the stippling forward of the trigger at the indexing and recoil management pad locations.

Taurus promotes a “crisp, precise sear break” and “short and tactile reset,” both must-have features for a quality pistol. Engineers definitely put a lot of thought into this pistol, aspiring to create a firearm ideal for concealed carry but well-rounded for general target use. The GX4 has smooth edges with a no-snag profile. Some have raised concerns particularly about the hammer on my carry gun and it catching on things. I have always somewhat ignored this sentiment, but kept it in mind. Now, I must admit, I’m reevaluating.  The reversible magazine release button is even with the grip and the slide stop lever and takedown pin are slightly recessed. On the safety side, the GX4 includes a visual loaded chamber indicator, trigger safety, and striker block.

The smooth profile of the gun paired with measures taken to prevent corrosion and reduce wear makes it well-suited to everyday use. This pistol certainly presents an attractive alternative to what I already own, just don’t let my existing carry gun find out…

MSRP: $392.42

Watch Shari Le Gate’s video on the GX4 here!