Streamlight TLR-8 A G

Handgun innovations exploded in the early ’90s. I turned in my Ruger GP100 for a Beretta 92 as our department switched away from the reliable wheel gun. Shortly thereafter, I carried the new GLOCK 22 in 40 S&W. Times were a changin’! The FBI Miami Shootout prompted a new level of thinking in law enforcement. Then GLOCK came out with a Third Generation G22 with an accessory rail. This opened up new doors and allowed many officers to carry rail-mounted lights (and in some cases light/laser combos). I purchased an Insight Technology M6. It delivered 80–90 lumens and included a red laser sight.

I still kept my G2X on my duty belt, but the M6 really shined (pun intended) on the street. Besides the light, the laser allowed me to do something critical when using my handgun — focus on the target rather than my sights. It’s hard to emphasize how important this is when your life depends on how well you can read the actions of another. Today, there are many options available from innumerable sources. The M6 still runs well today and is currently being used by a friend.

Upgrading today, I’d probably lean towards one of their newer models like the Streamlight’s TLR-8 A G. With 500 lumens, plus a brighter green laser, I’d have more visibility at longer distances and still get the reliability I insist upon. As an added bonus, this unit is much smaller and doesn’t change the way my gun handles. Retail is about $250.