GunZee Holster Cushion


Pokey IWB holsters got you down? IWB carry is great for concealment and gun retention, but many of the Kydex models can poke and stab sensitive body parts as you move throughout your day.

The GunZee Holster Cushion is a three-layer foam sheet, just over 3/8″ thick, which attaches to the body side of your holster and separates skin from hard plastic. The material is closed cell foam, so it’s durable and can be cut to shape if you like.

Instead of the entire GunZee backing being covered with sticky material to attach to the holster, the company provides separate and narrower, hook and loop sheets. This allows you to configure and cut (or not) the pad to any size you like without worrying about sticky stuff extending beyond the holster body. In short, you can run with an “oversize” pad that wraps around sharp holster corners.

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