Holosun HE508T-RD X2
Red Dot Sight


Pistol red dots are here to stay, but which one should you get? Nic Lenze reviews one option — the Holosun 508T-RD X2.

The HE508T is one of the many red dot options from Holosun. I’ll be using it on a handgun, but there are mounts available to use it on a rifle or shotgun, as well.

It has the ability to switch between three reticles — the 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA circle, just the 2 MOA dot, or just the 32 MOA circle. It uses a single CR1632 battery that loads from the side, as well as the solar backup on top. It’s made of Titanium, hence the T in 508T, which makes it very light at just two ounces. And, it uses the RMR footprint, which makes it very easy to find a gun to mount it on.

There are a lot of pistol dots on the market, so what sets this one apart? For one, it costs more than $100, so it’s not going to fail on you within the first week. I’m not saying cheap dots don’t serve a purpose, but make sure you understand what you’re buying when you spend your hard-earned money. The MSRP is $435.28. Oddly specific.

Holosun also added a lock feature that will disable the buttons so you don’t accidentally change your settings. With shake awake, after the dot goes to sleep, the slightest movement turns it back on. This, combined with the battery and solar fail-safe, gives you 50K hours of run time, on the medium setting, of course.

We took the 508T to the range and sent plenty of lead downrange. We used all three reticles and shot for speed and accuracy. Make sure to watch the full video to get my thoughts. If you want the short version — I’m buying it.

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