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New For 2020 Hunting Seasons

I’m fond of repeating friend Dick Thompson’s statement, “You never master a handgun,” because it resonates the hard truth in such simple terms.

To be effective as a handgun hunter, let alone any kind of hunter, you must continually hone your shooting skills. If you don’t, your abilities will rapidly diminish to your dismay. This simple fact makes handgun hunters — at least, the successful ones — the most dedicated among shooters.

These determined hunters need ammunition as dedicated as they are: ammo that is reliable, consistent and performs as expected. Handgunners need to know after aligning their sights and tripping their trigger their bullet won’t let them down, and the folks at Hornady have worked diligently to come up with the perfect solution.

Monoflex Performance

Hornady had a tough task at hand. They needed a bullet to reliably expand and penetrate at lower handgun velocities while still retaining 95% of its weight.

Using similar GMX technology found in their rifle bullets, the elastomer material inside the projectile’s open tip aids expansion of the monolithic copper alloy slug as it compresses and pushes out the hollowpointed cavity.

This expansion occurs faster than traditional hollowpoint designs, creating a larger wound channel at initial penetration, leading to hard-hitting impacts and solid blood trails.

Premium Hunting

As one might expect, Hornady Hunter Ammunition is assembled using only the finest components available. Combining high-quality cases, primers and propellants with the new Monoflex bullet technology creates a cartridge capable of delivering superior field performance on game of all sizes. A deadly combination, indeed.

New for 2020, initial caliber offerings include 9mm +P (115-gr.), .357 Magnum (130-gr,), .40 S&W (135-gr.), 10mm (135-gr.), .44 Magnum (200-gr.), .454 Casull (200-gr.), and .460 S&W (200-gr.). Boxes will ship with 20 or 25 rounds with pricing ranging from $30–$40 depending on caliber.

Your hunting may be over this year, but it’s never too early to load up and get a jump on next season!

For more info: www.hornady.com, Ph:(800) 338-3220

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