Real Life Shooting

The 356 GNR was one of Lee’s favorite during the last decade or so of his life and after shooting the G2 in 356 GNR, I can see why. It’s a dandy cartridge, accurate and enjoyable to shoot. The 356 GNR performed well on the G2 frame and makes for an easy packing rig for hunting.

The Encore came with beautiful wood, full-length forend and chambered in 470 GNR. This is one of Gary’s creations, which is simply a 500 Linebaugh necked to 0.475" and exceeding the 475 Linebaugh’s punch by a considerable margin. This is serious medicine and will assuredly handle anything on this planet — and probably the entire galaxy. For the handloader, Reeder offers dies for each caliber. No worries if you don’t reload, there’s a company loading these rounds for you. Both the G2 and Encore are custom handguns and can be ordered with your choice of caliber, barrel length and number, all in an attractive wood presentation case.