Baby Eagle III

The Baby Eagle series is known as being one of the most reliable pistols in the industry. Based on the CZ 75 design and having the general appearance of a mini Desert Eagle profile-wise, the Baby Eagle III is a stoutly built and accurate pistol. The recoil-absorbing, full-size steel-framed 9mm version weighs 38 oz., and has a 4.43" barrel, while the polymer-frame version weighs a mere 28.6 oz.

The steel-framed compact has a 3.85" barrel and weighs in at 35 oz., while its polymer-framed brother weighs 26.3 oz. Guns are available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

All pistols have the identifiable Desert Eagle side-cut slide profile with manual thumb-cock safety/decocker. Trigger pull is listed as 12 lbs. in double action and 4 lbs. in single action. Full-length rails are featured on all guns along with locking lugs on top of barrel and integral accessory underrails for mounting lights and lasers. Steel combat three-dot sights are provided for quick sight acquisition, along with two steel magazines.