Milt Sparks Holsters

Modern Classics

Here’s the 55BN in black leather. A classic holster Tank loves, it pulls your gun
in snug, close to your body, for traditional OWB carry.

Skeeter Skelton summed it up when he stated, “My holster maker is more important to me than my doctor!” I can’t think of a better statement emphasizing just how crucial our holsters are. Both holster and doctor are necessary to keep our hides healthy, right?

I’m fortunate to own several Milt Sparks holsters, so I can tell you firsthand of their quality, comfort and ability to securely carry your shooter. I have a beautifully carved 200AW for a 4″ N-Frame, and a brace of 55BN models for an Officer’s-sized 1911 and a couple of S&W M&P 2.0’s. I told you I liked them!

Some styles and techniques are endless in form and function, especially when it comes to holsters. The folks at Milt Sparks are committed to producing practical designs for everyday use. Nick Harvey and staff are shooting enthusiasts and licensed concealed carriers who carry everyday, using their own tried and true products.

They constantly test and evaluate product features through extensive field use, including training, hunting, competition and everyday carry. Milt Sparks Holsters carries proven traditional styles and newer, cutting edge holster designs. One thing for certain, the quality of Milt Sparks Holster’s is second to none.

This Versa Max 2 is sporting elephant hide trim, both functional and good-looking.
Milt Sparks Holsters’ exude quality!

The Corral

My own 200AW (adjustable welt) was carved by an old saddlemaker who continues to carve for MSH. The depth of his work provides a 3-dimensional portrait of a perfect desert flower. However, you can go the traditional route, and simply leave your rig plain, or perhaps go with a border stamp, accenting the flowing lines of the holster itself.

The 200AW allows for custom tension adjustment with a single tension screw. The wrap-around hammer shroud protects the hammer and sights from any inadvertent bumps. The 200AW was a favorite of Elmer Keith, by the way.

The 55BN (Bruce Nelson) is a longstanding classic model in the Milt Sparks line. My own 55BN’s are boned-out perfection, almost looking like an X-rayed outline of the pistol riding comfortably in its cocoon. The pistols “snap” when fully holstered, for safe, secure carry. Milt Sparks received permission from Bruce Nelson to make the design, when demand became too high for Bruce in the early ’70s when he was still active in law enforcement.

The Summer Special 2 was introduced in 1992 and is of rough-side out construction, with a metal reinforced mouth for ease of holstering. Sewn-in sight rails and a protective shirt guard extension make it a popular choice in warmer weather as it rides lower and spots an FBI style slant, with a straight drop available.

The Criterion was developed for customers preferring a metal reinforced mouth for easier holstering while maintaining the rake and ride height of the Nexus model. The Criterion features a self-closing neodymium magnetic belt loop system, duplicating a one-way snap function, but is much easier to contend with.

The Versa Max 2 is a classic Milt Sparks original and by far, their most popular IWB holster. Key features include a fully encased metal reinforced mouth, protective back flap to avoid skin on gun contact, offset, non-pivoting belt loops ensuring gun butt won’t shift, and horsehide construction on the body side of all VM 2’s for extra moisture protection. MSH has many more designs available, so dig deeper if you need to.

Here’s Tank’s 200AW Milt Sparks carved holster. Don’t get too close to the carving,
you may just fall in — fall in love, that is!


Milt Sparks has been in business since 1969. The company has changed hands twice over the years and Nick Harvey is currently at the reigns, where he and his staff continue turning out traditional, custom leather with several offerings in both IWB and OWB carry. Milt Sparks Holsters has a current lead of 14–20 weeks, depending on the model.
Do yourself a favor and order yourself a Milt Sparks holster for your favorite shooter. You’ll be amazed at the quality — and glad you did.

For more info:, Ph: (208) 377-5577

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