Practice & Defend

Anyone who carries a gun for self-defense knows the importance of shooting their chosen defense load in their gun to confirm function and accuracy. Defense rounds can be expensive, though, and difficult to find, so shooting them regularly at the range often doesn’t make sense. However, when training, it also doesn’t make sense to shoot range ammo that doesn’t match the performance of your defense rounds.

Realizing this, Federal has combined its Syntech Training Match with Personal Defense HST into a single 100-round pack — 50 rounds of each — available in 124-gr. and 147-gr. 9mm, 180-gr. .40 S&W and 230-gr. .45 Auto.

With matching grain weight projectiles and powder, both Syntech and HST rounds produce identical velocities, trajectories and point of impact for the most realistic training experience all in one convenient package. After all, if practice isn't realistic, it's not really practice.