On so many guns the grip can be changed. This may be for size or for texture. I like 1911s and sometimes I change my grips just because I can’t afford another gun but I can dress up one I have. Sometimes it’s because the texture is uncomfortable to me. Many of the modern polymer pistols have small, medium and large backstraps and sometimes front and back straps allowing you to fit the gun to your hand. What’s important about fit? First, your middle finger and your thumb should be able to touch around the grip. Second, you should be able to grip the gun with your wrist straight behind it with your finger being able to reach the trigger so that the pad of your finger can pull it straight back.

The texture on many grips goes from mild to medium to harsh (the harsh ones are only comfortable with gloves). You may or may not desire some form of checkering on the front and back strap. I personally prefer this because I suffer from peripheral neuropathy that sometimes affects my ability to grip well. The checkering provides me with positive feedback regarding the firmness of my grip. Is it necessary? No, it’s simply a preference choice.

There are some other features that will affect your grip. Some of these are more important to Seal Teams, Delta Force, and others who operate in harsh environments and are often involved in combat. But even their chosen mods will benefit many of us. Trigger guard undercut is one of these. The undercut is designed to allow you a higher grip on the frame resulting in better recoil control.