Side Events

9x12 is a concession to 9mm pistols and it’s the one event where the “shoot” pins only need to be tipped over, not blasted completely off the tables. You’ll face a dozen of them, intermingled with the dreaded “hostage” pins. We see an array of GLOCKs and other striker-fired “nines,” but sweet-triggered double-stack 1911 designs in that caliber do seem to have an edge. Greg Blough took top honors here last time with a 9mm STI Custom and a blazing 5.5-second run. This is also the only event with no capacity limit — some shooters vied with 33-round GLOCK mags, full up.

8-Pin Revolver is just like it sounds. Mandatory reload and no more than six rounds in the gun, which is why the S&W .45 ACP revolver with full moon clips is the unquestioned choice. Barney Niner took it last time with a Model 625 S&W.

Team matches are done two-person with iron-sight handguns, and three-person with two shotguns and one shooter anchoring with an iron-sight handgun. Dan Hauserman used a stock-lookin’ Caspian 1911 .45 as he, Levi and Dakota with shotguns, captured a Hauserman family three-gun victory in 2018.

The Big Push is another recent development. Only three pins and no hostage targets in the way, but they have to be blasted all the way back down a 14-foot alley. Even .44 Magnums need not apply, unless you’re willing to take time for multiple shots. The .454 Casull seems to be the power floor if you hope to do it with three shots, and .460 and .500 Magnum seem to be the winning hardware. Richard Hupp took it last time with a long-barreled S&W X-Frame .500, running 500-gr. handloads at 1,200 fps.