The Young Apprentice

Looking up from his book the Sage noticed Rodney Patmore carrying his gear bag from the parking lot. Rodney was a new member, but the Senior Member approved heartily. He was pleased to see Rodney pitch in and help on cleanup days. The Sage noticed such things. He especially liked how Rodney showed respect for his elders. Seeing he would have to wait for a bay on the pistol range, Rodney walked over to chat with the Senior Member.

“Greetings, young fellow. I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your shooting. It has improved markedly since you first showed up with your first handgun.”

“Thank you!” Rodney was pleased. “I still have much room for improvement. Tell me, you were a good shot at one time …”
“I still am a good shot,” the Sage said coldly. “I just can’t run and jump anymore.”

“Er, yes, of course. I’ve been reading different views on how strongly one should grip the pistol. Some say 40% with the shooting hand and 60% with the support hand. Some say grip it with about 60% of full strength and others say grip hard enough to crush the grip panels. What do you say?”

“I say we should go over to the workshop and lend a hand repairing shooting benches.”

At the workshop Rodney joined the work crew nailing on new supports and braces. A half hour later they were back in the members’ area.