Streamlight Protac 90


Didn’t get enough in the print edition of Handgunner? Well then, here’s more to feast your gun-hungry eyes upon. Enjoy!

How many flashlights are too many? I can’t count that high. Living in the country like I do, I have lights stashed all over. Unless you’re a long step away from one, it’s too far to be handy! Streamlight’s new Protac 90 is triple-handy if you ask me. Aside from the obvious 90 degree bend, it’s got a clip you can use to attach it to your belt, or your pocket or pack-strap so the light shines “out” and lights your way — or the motor you’re working on, or the deer you’re cleaning or anything for that matter. It’s a 300 lumen blaster on high (using CR123 batteries), and delivers 40 lumens on low.

The kicker is you can also use AA batteries (Alkaline or Lithium). With standard AA, you get 125 lumens on high, and 40 on low. Runtime on Alkaline is not quite three hours on high and eight hours on low. But Lithium gets you 5.5 hours on high and 15 hours on low! If you had a four-pack of AA Lithium batteries you could run 60 hours (say, 2.5 days!) at 40 lumens, which is bright enough to do just about anything you need to do, short of open heart surgery. At a feathery three ounces or so and around $40, it’s hard not to like this little partner. I’m taking mine to Africa soon! That’s a Swiss Army Knife in the pic for size, by the way.
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