Fudge Fairy

As I got older and had a family of my own, I always found a half-gallon ice cream container sitting on the front seat of my vehicle, with a red bow on top. Filled to the brim was Connie’s peanut butter fudge, enough to induce a diabetic coma if control wasn’t used. This went on for years, and I would thank my Aunt Connie and joke the “Fudge Fairy” had struck again. It was a longstanding joke between us, and one I still miss to this day.

As you know, nothing lasts forever. Aunt Connie died about a dozen years ago. She never had children and her marriage ended in divorce. She loved her many nieces and nephews and was very generous with them.

Even though she would jokingly complain about all the work involved for the Christmas party, I think she had the most fun of all. Everyone loved Connie, as they so openly joked and teased her. I still picture her shaking her head, laughing and saying, “Eye, yi, yi … !” She was a true delight of a woman who shared her love with her sugary treats.

When she died, she split her estate among her 37 nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. It was the first time I had ever received an inheritance of any kind. Many of my cousins used it for down payments on first homes, bought new cars, or saved it. Me? I used a small portion to treat myself to remember Connie with a special gun. The rest went into my daughter’s college account.