Heritage Releases New Barkeep Boot Revolver


Here’s the Boot at half-cock with thumb-safety “on” just forward the hammer face.

Last year Heritage Manufacturing Inc. released the Barkeep — a 2″ barreled “snubby” built to look like something a bartender in the old west would carry, conceal or keep handy for keeping rowdy ruffians at bay. Heritage went one step further this year, shortening the already 2” barrel of the Barkeep to a scant 1″, for the ultimate in concealability. Dubbed the “Barkeep Boot,” this shorty packs plenty of fun in a compact shooter.

The Boot single-action .22lr sports a birds-head grip for easier, more comfortable concealed carry, while adding stylish good looks. The grip panels are available in black laminate wood, custom engraved wood and grey pearl to start. Made of alloy steel with black oxide finish, the “Boot” is an attractive package reminiscent of a gamblers “Belly” gun.

Consider fun scenarios you can conjure up. Are you a suave and debonair traveling card shark using your Barkeep Boot to bail you out after being caught with an Ace up your sleeve? Perhaps while feigning an itchy calf, you’ll grab your birds-head gripped back-up and clear the table.

The “Barkeep Boot” breaks down like any other single action while on half-cock.

The birds head grip and 1″ barrel makes the Boot a natural for concealed carry fun scenarios.

Traditional Function

The Barkeep Boot keeps in tradition with classic single-actions of the era with four “clicks” of the full-cocked hammer, while also having a half-cock notch, allowing the cylinder to turn for loading/unloading. The hammer spur is checkered for positive purchase while cocking this thumb-buster. A traditional flat hammer spring is used, just like Colt did way back when.

Other features include a knurled cylinder base-pin for easy removal, alloy steel cylinder and frame-mounted firing pin for strength and durability. The Barkeep Boot also has a hammer block thumb-safety conveniently mounted to the left of the hammer. The Barkeep Boot I had for testing has a smooth action and very nice trigger, with trigger pull averaging just over 2.5 lbs. Overall length is 6.38″ width is 1.50″ and height is 4.86. ″

The checkered hammer spur and script “H” on the end of push rod handle adds form and function.

The thumb-safety in “off” position ready to fire.


Made for “across the table” distances, the Barkeep Boot is without a front sight by design. Being sightless, there’s nothing to snag during surreptitious drawing from your boot, jacket pocket or waistband. Since the barrel is so short, as is the Barkeep’s, an ejector rod housing is impossible to mount. A handy dandy push rod is included to push out empty shell. It sports a nicely lathe-turned handle with a scripted “H” for Heritage on the end, to push out empty shell casings like traditional Colt Shopkeeper single-actions. It’s a fun way to shoot while keeping finger and hand dexterity up to snuff.

While shooting at 10 yards, far further than the Barkeep Boot is meant for, the Boot proved a natural pointer, keeping groups of 3″ to 4. ″ In an all too serious world, sometimes it’s fun to just plink around without mearing group size, velocity or striving for a 3 second reload. While shooting, I experienced no misfires with the Boot.  For those special fun days, the Barkeep Boot is hard to beat.

MSRP runs from $196 to $205, depending on grip panel material.

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