Carbine Reborn

Ruger reintroduced the PC Carbine in 2017, in 9mm and .40, with several updates in a variety of configurations. It’s a take-down carbine — push a button, twist and the PCC separates into a small, compact package that’s perfect for travel. The new PCC uses Ruger’s SR-Series and Security-9 Ruger mags and includes an adapter for GLOCK mags. The original PCC’s trigger wasn’t … However, the new PCC has a smooth and crisp trigger, breaking at 51/2 lbs.

The ability to carry one type of ammo in identical magazines is a bonus. It simplifies preparation and creates more options when responding to a threat. Arming family members with pistols and carbines as appropriate simplifies and exponentially raises potential.
The first requirement for any defensive weapon is reliability. I fired my PCC with trash ammo I picked up off the Shootrite range and it functioned flawlessly.

The PCC is available with an adjustable stock. The fixed stock model has spacers to adjust length of pull. Weight and length are about the same as an AR carbine, which is easily handled by most members of your “team.” You can swap charging handle and mag release from side to side.