Unconventional Carry


I’m a huge proponent of on-the-body carry. If you need your firearm to save your life and the only gun you have is in your trunk or desk, it might as well be locked in a safe. For a secondary weapon or backup, I can see the benefit. My wife can’t get a CCW permit in the state of California (don’t get me started) but if “it” hits the fan, I can give her my backup from my person — or from what I call an “unconventional carry” system.

Giant fanny packs are lumped in with the “shoot-me-first” vests, so I tend to avoid anything looking like it has a crew-served machine gun in it. Manufacturers have recently come up with carry options looking like everyday gear, so let’s take a look at some.

How we dress often dictates how we can carry concealed firearms. The folks at Sneaky Pete Holsters use the hidden-in-plain-sight concept. The SP holster is designed to carry a variety of guns, magazines and even a box of ammo if you so desire. The holster attaches to your belt via traditional-style loops or with heavy-duty metal clips. To my eye the holster looks like a high-end leather phone holder. If you need on-the-body carry and a traditional holster won’t work, take a look at what SP has to offer.

Keeping with the hidden-in-plain-sight concept, Nat Stevens of Tuff Products enlisted the design help of Ichiro Nagata to help him with some concealed carry gear specifically designed to not look like it was for carrying a gun. You can fit a small pistol or revolver and a few other items in the Taclett Jr. without loading it up so it pulls down your pants. Tuff uses the best materials to ensure the gear never lets you down.

BLACKHAWK!’s Diversion Carry Racquet Bag allows you to covertly carry an SBR or a takedown rifle (up to 29″ segments) in what looks like a racquet bag. I’ve had my takedown Model 94 .30-30 riding around in it and no one has had a clue what’s inside. Yes, it’s in two pieces, but isn’t that better than being home in my safe? An AR goes together pretty quickly with practice, and I’m getting faster with that 94. The racquet bag is just one of many options from BLACKHAWK!

VANQUEST Messenger Bag “Not another messenger bag,” was what I muttered to myself when I saw this, but like most times when I jump to conclusions — I was wrong. The guys at Vanquest really put some thought and heavy-duty materials into this bag. I’ve been using the bag as my traveling office of sorts. Laptop or iPad ride in a protective cocoon, along with all my other stuff, including a Glock 19 and two spare magazines. You don’t have to root through a pile of stuff to find your gun and gear.

One of the nice features of the bag is the blaze orange interior. Seems weird at first, but trust me it makes finding things much easier. The layout of the bag’s compartments are well thought out and the materials ensure you wear out before this bag does.