Versacarry Rebel Holster


Versacarry’s new Rebel line departs from the company heritage of one-size-fits-many design by adding custom molding for your specific firearm.

The Rebel is a hybrid design using a leather back panel and Kydex gun shell, but similarities to other hybrids end there. The back panel is layered with a closed-cell padded backing to add comfort, a moisture barrier, and more importantly, rigidity. Most hybrids with a simple leather backing eventually suffer from floppy top syndrome. Over time the leather shield starts to droop and cover the holster mouth. That’s bad mojo as you don’t want anything obstructing a re-holstering maneuver.

The Rebel also features an independent draw tension screw adjustment and forward cant for more discreet inside-the-waistband carry. Unlike other hybrids, this one is pieced together using leather supports and good old-fashioned stitching instead of rivets.

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