Gun Cleaning To
Keep Them Going

Goop, Goo And Gear To Keep 'Em Going

I take good care of my carry guns, but those other “fun” guns I have, well — I clean ’em when I can’t get around not cleaning them! Being the lazy guy I am, I’m always looking for new goodies to help with the chore, so check out this little lineup of what’s new to help you out. And just so you know, I used each of these products personally. I can’t really say one is better than the other (we’re not a chemical lab!), but they all did seem to clean and lube the test guns as advertised.


FrogLube products are petroleum-free so are environmentally friendly. They say, “Regular use will de-carbonize older firearms and prevent corrosion from occurring.” Specs show it will clean barrels, remove copper and lead fouling and water-proofs. Battle-field tested, FrogLube products are now available to consumers and many returning GI’s continue to rely on FrogLube.


In 1903 Frank Hoppe created the iconic Hoppes No. 9 bore cleaner. Since then, generations of men have swooned to that wonderful aroma. Now, with the advent of modern technology and the inclusion of alloys, plastics, aluminum and such in guns, Hoppe’s new No. 9 Synthetic Blend is not only safe for most guns — it still has that great smell!


Enviroclean by Ogre Mfg. is biodegradable with little odor, offering indoor friendly gun cleaning, so you don’t stink out the wife and kids. Apply Enviroclean, wait 10 minutes, then you’re ready to brush/wipe out the crud. It’s safe on your skin and is water and ammonia-free. It even cleans black powder.


Otis Technology revolutionized gun cleaning with their “pull-through” systems. Adding to their lineup of mission-specific cleaning kits is their LE Range Box. Equipped to handle cleaning chores for .223/5.56, 9mm, .40 and .45 caliber guns, the box also has a nifty built-in “vise” to hole firearms for cleaning and maintenance. Check out other kits for hunters and competitors, along with small, pocket-sized kits, perfect for field use.


lso environmentally friendly, PrOlix cleaning/lube/treatment products are easy to use and work. The all-in-one Citrus-Based Cleaner with DryLubricant suspended, combined with DryLube is a matched set to take care of cleaning/lube chores. Their FIREClean Anti-Fouling Gun Oil addresses carbon fouling by preventing carbon from “sticking” to the metal, allowing easy clean-up.

Weapon Shield

Weapon Shield Solvent isn’t a solvent by traditional standards. It contains no ammonia, butyl cellosolve or any other hostile chemicals. It’s also completely safe on all metals, polymer, woods and even leather. Yet it cleans burnt powder, debris and lead and copper fouling. It also offers a lube property, but can be followed up with Weapon Shield CLP for complete protection.


Outers is another industry icon and offers a wide range of “all-in-one” kits as well as cleaning products. I really liked the convenience of this compact yet pretty complete kit. With gear to clean virtually any rifle, shotgun or handgun, this is perfect for the range or the field and a good way to begin to assemble a comprehensive cleaning kit for your home workbench.

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