Aircraft Weapons of World War One


You might recognize the author of this book — Tom Laemlein. He writes for FMG Publications, often using cool pictorials to tell historical stories.

Here’s his newest — an up-close and personal look at weapons used from the very beginnings of aerial combat. The incredible period photos within tell the story of armed conflict in the air, from the days of hurling bricks at passing enemy planes to mounted automatic weapons of the skies.

Of particular interest to Handgunner readers are stories about the use of 1911 pistols in the air. Using 20-round extended magazines and a fitted cage to catch ejected brass, the .45 saw some use, arguably ineffective, against combatants in the air. Oh, and the cage? That kept brass out of the props of pusher-style planes. The other side was known to use “artillery” P08 Lugers with stock and 32-round drum magazines. The 9mm for plane-to-plane combat was less than potent.

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