American Tomahawk's Rifleman Fixed Blade Knife


Wait a tic … this does not look like any tomahawk I know. I do love the sheer handiness of the traditional Model 1 and 2 hawks, but now the company is expanding.

Don’t tell Brent over at GUNS we’re covering it here in Handgunner, but this new fixed blade is called The Rifleman. It’s a classic and rugged design but also suited for finer work like field cooking. Imagine the offspring of a quality kitchen knife, rugged folder and sturdy fixed blade, and you have the Rifleman. It measures 9.5″ overall and includes a 5″ non-serrated blade surface. The black Richlite handles have plenty of space to fit my entire large hand, and rounded notches in the top of the blade present a great place for the thumb to add control and a little extra oomph if needed.

This knife will cut steak and veggies at the campsite but is solid and thick enough to cut wood, rope and most other things that need cutting.

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