5.11 Small Kit Tool Bag

For your all-around survival gear

While you’re creating an all-around survival kit list...

…I’ll bet it numbers more than 10 items. Probably at least 20. So think of what you’ll put all that stuff in. An all-around survival kit deserves and even needs a bag that can handle all of it. We’re talking durable, organized, large enough to hold a lot, but small enough to be easily taken along, tossed in a vehicle trunk or under a seat, or packed inside of an even larger bag.

My all-around survival kit currently resides in a 5.11 Small Kit Tool Bag. If it looks like a tough, little black bag, it is indeed tough (1050 D nylon) but it is only little on the outside. The main compartment is 6” H x 10” L x 5.25” D. On each side are 5” x 8” x 2” side pockets. All that adds up to 475 cubic inches of storage space. Enough to hold a Taurus 650 .357 Magnum, first aid kit, emergency blankets, a handful of small tools, extra ammo and gun cleaning supplies, personal hygiene gear, a light stick, hand-warming pads, a length of nylon rope, an emergency poncho, fishing kit, and more. A roll of duct tape gets tossed in the bag, too, or least attached in some way to the shoulder strap. A knife and flashlight are already on my person. I’ve got a fire starter in a jacket pocket when I’m in the backcountry. What am I missing?

One side pocket of the Small Kit Tool Bag features a fold-out zippered mesh organizer panel. Otherwise all the pockets are simply large storage spaces with YKK zippers all around. Handles are heavy duty and the bag comes with a padded shoulder strap that attaches to rugged D rings. Handy!

I acquired this bag (retail $39.99) a couple years ago and attest it has served its purpose, sitting in my trunk and getting tossed around a bit. I’ve stuffed it to the max and put the zippers, handles, and straps to the test. It’s been in the car, taken up north to camp, toted around the backcountry, and borrowed (and safely returned) by friends. Holding my all-around survival kit it has all-around survived.

Learn more at https://www.511tactical.com/small-kit-tool-bag.html.