Arredondo Squib Pro


If you haven’t had the delight of experiencing a squib round (where the bullet gets stuck in the bore), you just haven’t been shooting long enough yet. The Arredondo Squib Rod and multi-tool is 8.5″ of some sort of polymer or glass-filled nylon stuff so it won’t mar your barrel. The shaft can be used to tap-tap-tap out a squib, and the strange looking widget things poking out are used for “other” stuff. One removes magazine base pads, another can adjust scope windage screws, elevation dials and open those pesky battery caps. At only around $11 or so, it’s way-cheap insurance for your range bag and makes sure you don’t need to scrounge a random rusty steel rod or worse to get you shooting again.

Keep in mind “if” you do find yourself with a bullet in the bore or, worse yet, caught between the cylinder and forcing cone of a sixgun, stop and take a deep breath before you do anything rash. Eye protection goes on and the muzzle doesn’t get pointed at anything you don’t want to harm by accident while you work on the gun. Unload an auto (mag out, slide back, etc.) and if you’ve got a revolver and you can open the cylinder, clear it. If the bullet is stuck in the forcing cone juncture, keep in mind you likely have a loaded cylinder and you won’t be able to unload it until the stuck bullet is clear, getting knocked back into the revolver chamber it came from.

The rod goes down from the muzzle on a revolver and if you can get an auto pistol’s barrel out, you can push it through from the chamber. Your hammer goes “tap-tap-tap” not “bang-bang-bang” and don’t be surprised by how hard it is to tap a bullet out. Lead goes easier than jacketed rounds. If you’re not comfortable with all this, find someone who is — before you blow yourself up. For more info:; Ph: (909) 596-9597.

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