Bear Ops Bone-Handled Auto-Knife


Bear Knife

The simple sharpened edge is a primitive, yet useful tool. When caveman “Glug” first discovered volcanic glass, commonly known as obsidian, he knew he was onto something big, grunting, “Hmmm, cut good,” as he stared at his bleeding finger.

With fire lit in his head (pre-light bulb), ingenious uses of the igneous rock allowed him to make knives, axes, spears and arrowheads for utilitarian as well as defensive purposes.

Today, the sharpened edge is even more versatile — and deadly — when made with today’s refined steels. First responders and like-minded patriots needed a maker specializing in edged weaponry geared for the “good guys/gals” most at risk.

Bear Knife

Bear Ops Responds

Bear Ops, started in 2011, is a specialized line under Bear & Son Cutlery, providing knives for first responders, military and government contractors who need strong, sharp and reliable tools to conduct daily business.

Bone-Picking Pretty

The Bold Action IX, a one-handed, spring-loaded automatic knife, is now offered in a new bone-on-black model, the AC-900-WSB6-B. This mid-sized pocketknife features a black Sandvik 14C28N chisel-edged Tanto-style point purposed for deep penetration, while still maintaining a razor sharp edge. The subtle reversed belly provides leverage when slashing through stubborn materials. The martensitic stainless chromium steel blade was developed for maximum edge sharpness and high resistance to micro-chipping and edge rolling. It is extremely corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Bear Knife

Traditionally Trendy

White smooth bone and carbon fiber scales provide a stylish, hand-filling positive grip in wet or dry conditions. A firm push of the button quickly and conveniently releases the blade into its locked position, ready for any chores asked of it. My knife locks tight with nary a wobble or wiggle.

An ergonomic thumb-slide safety prevents premature deployment while carrying concealed. The strong pocket clip allows for easy pocket access, preventing “digging” for your blade when it’s needed most. The knife and pocket clip utilize Allen screws for easy disassembly for cleaning and clip reversal.

This versatile knife has a thousand and one uses from opening mail and taped boxes to being used as a final line of self-defense. The Tanto-style point allows delicate cutting while encouraging deep penetration. A worthy investment for those who appreciate sharpened steel with a simple push of a button.


The Bear Ops Sandvik 14c28n blade has a Rockwell hardness of 58-60 and open length of 6.5″. Closed length is 3.75″ and weight is 2.4 oz. It’s proudly made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.

The MSRP is $ 231.99. For more info: Bear & Son Cutlery, Ph: (256) 435-2227.