Buck 108 Compadre Froe


If you spend anytime in the woods or doing chores around the farm or land you quickly realize the value of a good “chopper.” Axes and hatches are one thing, but a more machete-like tool is often handier for clearing, making kindling and shopping small branches and such. Buck’s Froe is a classic-looking design (about 16.75″ long overall, with a 9.5″ edge), with Micarta scales, having just enough heft to “thunk” when you hit a hunk of wood.

The Cerakote Cobalt coating makes things weatherproof, the canvas Micarta gives a firm grip even if things get slippery, the full-tang construction is tough as a nail and of course, it’s made in the USA! The Froe weighs in at 23 ounces, has a leather sheath and the blade thickness is almost a full quarter inch at .23″ thick, offering plenty of stamina. Blade steel is 5160, commonly known as “Spring Steel” (think: those big, bold blades made of truck springs!) and is hardened to 57-58 RC. This steel is tough and can absorb shock! MSRP is about $180.


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